Vagif IBRAHIMOGLU, Artistic Director, was born in 18th of October, 1949

Graduated Azerbaijan State Theatre Institute named after M.Aliyev in 1972. He has worked as an actor in the Theatre of Young Spectator in Baku from 1973 - 1976. Here Vagif Ibrahimoglu began to try himself as a director.

Therefore he organized an experimental theatre-studio on the base of Theatre Society of Azerbaijan and was an artistic director of this studio between 1976-1979. Afterwards, he was invited to the artistic director position of Theatre-Studio of Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan.

The next level of career of Vagif Ibrahimoglu was State Theatre of Musical Comedy, where he has worked as the Artistic Director from 1982 to 1988.

In 1989 Vagif Ibrahimoglu established the YUG Theatre. Since that year he has been leading it as the Artistic Director to present day. He staged more than 100 performances, about 70 of them in YUG Theatre.

Vagif Ibrahimoglu has made productions on stages of foreign theatres. In 1985 he directed Arshin mal alan on stage of Opera & Ballet Theatre of Ankara, Turkey, in 1989 Mashadi Ibad in the same theatre and on stage of Dram Theatre in Bursa, Turkey. In 2003 Vagif Ibrahimoglu directed the Dekameron of Bokkacco on scene of UGALA Theatre, Vilyandy, Estonia.

Vagif Ibrahimoglu has received a number of awards, such as GIZIL DERVISH (1991) award of Azerbaijan Theatre Union. He also awarded in FACR Festival (Tehran, Iran), NOVRUZ-93 (Uzbekistan), TUGANLIK Festival in 1996 (Ufa, Russia), AYTIS (Bishkek, Kirgizistan) and countless local festivals (al experimental performance festivals and festivals of mono-spectacles).

He also works as a tutor since 1991 in the University of Culture & Arts in Baku and since 2000 in Baku Slavic University.

Vagif Ibrahimoglu is an author more than 1000 publications in newspapers and magazines, also plays, novels, translations and scientific works.


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